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I got my start in the carpentry industry in 1994 at just 14 years of age. I spend my weekends and breaks from school working for my fathers framing company where I learned the core values of a hard days work.

From that day forward my professional career has been dedicated solely to wood frame construction.

Through my years of experience I began to notice a few unsettling trends. Tradesmen becoming more and more unreliable, rushing through jobs, and not providing a level of customer service that every client deserves.

I believed that it was time for a movement back towards the days of good quality unrushed carpentry work. The days where a firm handshake was all that was needed to secure a deal. And so The Wood Wizard Carpentry was born! A business dedicated to efficient professional carpentry service. A company with old world values while staying in touch with the ever evolving industry.

Thank you for considering The Wood Wizard Carpentry for your project.


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